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Woke Susans, Amys, Karens... Reclaim Your Names.

There’s no other way to put it - some of these women stay trippin.

Yesterday a Susan in my town got caught on camera for harassing and filing a false report on the *wrong neighbors*. And when I say *wrong*, I mean a couple of black attorneys who KNOW their rights and had supportive neighbors. And then she filed another false report claiming peaceful protestors threw a brick at her house. Seriously?

Not only is this is dumb, it is harassment, and, I thought, illegal? In the immortal words of DMX, “Mind your business lady.”

Anyways, all women named Susan, Amy, and Karen are not this terrible. In fact, I know many who are black, woke, or both.

Think of Susan Taylor, the Essence Icon. Susan Rice, a potential VP candidate. Susan, a lovely white mom I know from Music Together. I know at least 3 wonderful black Amys and a white one who is an old friend’s mama and will read you for filth if you utter anything positive about Donald Trump. Karens - I have two incredible black cousins named Karen and know another who is a dope entrepreneur.

This is just a small sample. But, for the record, I do support any and all retaliatory (legal) action from these woke Susans, Amys, and Karens against the wack Susans, Amys, and Karens who have sullied or will sully their otherwise respectable names with their ridiculous racist tendencies.

Reclaim your names, ladies.



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