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Vaxxed, Snatched, & Waxed

I’m one for three. Not bad, right? I haven’t posted here in so long and I’ve MISSED it! But I have some okther things going on that have taken over a ton of my time - in good ways, mostly.

One thing - a little while ago I mentioned how much I enjoy writing and that I want to write kids books more seriously. Soooo, I actually was able to get an amazing agent (it’s a pretty difficult process, but I’m glad it has worked out!) and I have some exciting things cooking that I can’t wait to share.

That said, I don’t know about all of you, but in general, America’s ‘reopening’ has your girl anxious AF. I’m definitely an extroverted introvert, and once I’m out - I’m good - I love talking to and being around people. But the process of getting me out of my cozy socially-distanced cocoon is... tough. So while I’m one for three on the ‘hot mom summer checklist’, there’s an important piece to make sure I have handled - am I *mentally* prepared for uh, ‘re-entry’??

I’m going to have to ease into this. There’s no need to make up for 14 months of relative isolation in 2 months. But anyways, I have some things to brainstorm and write, so I have an excuse to stay in my cocoon a little longer… but I’ll try to be out in these streets a little more - happily vaxxed, not snatched, and maybe, eventually waxed.





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