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My Top 5 Quarantine Internet Wish List

Ok. Since the internet is just out here sharing all sorts of once-in-a-lifetime forms of amazing (did you see that Hamilton Zoom Conference! Incredible!) I figured I’m going to throw out a top 5 wish list of people I'd love to see and what I'd love for them to do… and see what happens.

Some of these may have already happened, and if so, send me the link!!!

5. 90’s R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop Group IG Live Reunions: Including everyone who had an episode of Behind the Music or Unsung and is still living and coherent. Oh- and Monica and Brandy doing a live duet of the Boy is Mine.

4. ‘How to walk’ with Naomi Campbell. We already know she knows how to disinfect a commercial airline seat like nobody’s business. But before that, we knew she knows how to Own. A. Catwalk. Ms. Naomi - teach us how to struuuuuuuut while we social distance walk around the neighborhood.

3. Janet Jackson teaching the entire dance from the song “If”. My 11 year old self LIVED for the Janet album (albeit, in hindsight, it was super inappropriate for my age but I still loved it) and the If dance. My very awkward friends and I thought we were very cool and even tried to learn it at a Girl Scout camp in 1993. So, @janet - please break out the choker and a chair, and show us how it’s dooooooone!

2. Barack Obama reading a chapter from his memoir. Where is it?? Come on, 44, we

know you’re already done. We NEED to go back to those good days. Can you just drop it now! We won’t even .pdf the e-book to share with our cousins. Pinky swear.

1. A live video feed of Beyonce and Jay-Z chasing the twins around the house (or yacht, or wherever they are) and homeschooling Blue. Not even performing- I can see that on Netflix. But seeing the two of them dealing with quarantine parenting stuff would just make my whole world right now. #starstheyrejustlikeus

What would you add??? And, better yet, if you know someone who can help make any of these happen... give them a little nudge, please!!




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