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Don't Sleep on MuuMuus.

One of my dear friends has always rocked a mean Kaftan and looked so elegant doing so. But since it’s been hot and sticky and those extra COVID-19 lbs seem to be a little stubborn, I’m like - waitaminute, those Kaftans aren’t just elegant - they make a whooooooole lot of practical sense.

Forget pants, forget shorts- dresses are WHAT’S UP. In particular, those of the loose variety. Some people call them muumuus - but that is doing them an extreme disservice. We’re not talking about some hideous, off-color, itchy polyester situations. We’re talking about gateways to proverbial freedom - like letting it all hang out while still remaining clothed. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Kaftans, ‘Walking Pajamas’, whatever- I know e-tailers selling them are just re-positioning house dresses to make them more palatable to our generation but I DON’T CARE - I’m sold.

In the US they may have been reserved for ‘resort wear’, but right now, I say, why wait for your next trip? Most of us are on an extended staycation anyways, so we might as well enjoy fabulous comfort while doing the new normal of fabulous things, like:

  • Gracefully gliding to the kitchen for another snack,

  • Heading outside to water our COVID-inspired “will I be able to get tomatoes at the grocery store? Maybe I should grow my own just in case” garden,

  • A casual saunter around town to burn a few calories, or

  • For the more daring among us, your next social-distancing gathering to see other humans or to momentarily escape the people who live with you.

Now, I know women fought for the right to wear pants and I appreciate that. I would’ve died under the oppression of petticoats, corsets, etc. But we’re not talking about wearing clothing that weighs as much as an infant. We’re talking about fabulous flowing garments that secretly let you feel like you’re letting it all hang out (and maybe you are-who’d be able to tell?) but to the occasional passerby, you are still respectfully clothed.

What they can see is the giant grin that now graces your face (oops - or maybe not, behind a mask - perhaps they see the smize of your eyes) because you don’t have to stop every five paces to check your wedgie situation (or maybe that’s me - hehe).

But now, let me tell you, there are so many options for looking like you just stepped off a yacht and lounge in colorful and casual elegance that you can also use to roam freely about your house, or the neighborhood.

The internets are bursting with so many gorgeous free-flowing creations - from mie’s beautiful cotton dresses from Nigeria, to Sai Sankoh’s Goddess Kaftans to fe noel’s ‘Casual Gown’ with a daring neckline.

Granted - while I now ‘get’ stores like Chico’s with its large selection of flowy linen situations, I still, on principle, refuse to shop there. My sister and I used to make fun of my mom for shopping at ‘the old white lady store’ whenever she’d come home with a ‘fun new purchase” of some linen pants or a straw hat. Again, I get it - but I’m not there yet.

Anywho, here’s to wearing whatever makes you feel good... and letting it all hang out - but in.



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