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Why do glasses make me feel so smart???

My husband and I recently got some of those blue light blocking glasses from Amazon to wear while using the computer. He used to have glasses, but got lasik years ago, so hasn’t worn them since. They do make a difference- I wish I had started using them years ago.

But I’m kind of digging his Clark Kent look (signal @CardiB “owwww!”) with these new specs! Anyways, the pack came with two pairs so I claimed the others to slow my own corneal deterioration (I’m fortunate to have not needed glasses… at least yet. EVERYONE else in my family has them). When I looked in the mirror, I felt extra serious and smart. What a mind trip! It was almost like formulas with lots of greek letters and symbols just started making so much more sense to me!

What is it about glasses??? No prototypical nerd is complete without them! I’m a fan of @CurbYourEnthusiam, and Leon (@ohsnapJBSmoove) had this bit about how people love a Black man with glasses. It’s true! In fact, I think it applies more broadly - I feel like glasses just subconsciously give this extra air of credibility and seriousness.

And honestly, what is it about British accents, too??? (At least in America) In school there was a guy in my class who would do none of the reading and pull BS out of the depths of his rectum, but because he had that Hugh Grant accent, professors would eat it up!

The powers of perception are really quite something… even on your own self image. Where does this stuff start and how does it get implanted into our brains? It’s really a trip… but it’s easy to see how these small things can also feed into bias-related issues that cause even bigger problems. I digress.

But anyways, next time I’m looking for a stroke of inspiration or genius, I may just put my glasses look in the mirror, and say "girl, you are kind, you are smart...” ;-).



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