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Sorry, Fear. You Are No Longer Welcome.

I’ve wanted to start @Grownesque for a little while, now… I started teasing the idea with friends around this time last year. Eventually I created a name for it… bought some URLs… claimed social media handles…

...and sat on it.

What was stopping me? Doubt. Would anybody follow? Would anybody relate? Would I offend anyone? Would anyone laugh? Would anyone who I don’t know want to hear what I’m thinking? Well, doubt is one of the world’s most timeless invisible enemies. And it does much more harm than good.

The past year has been, in ways, transformational, *unbelievably* fortifying, and liberating- and I will forever be grateful for it. Now I’m on the side where, frankly, doubt and fear can kiss my behind. And I’ve got God on my side? Mmph. Watch out world ;-) I’m coming.

So, to all 200+ of you - many of whom I know, and many of whom I do not, thank you. Developing content and a following is hard work, especially now - and my dreams and plans, frankly are even broader.

I’ve said it before, but while there’s a population that has nothing but time on their hands, I’m not one of them; I’ve never had less. But when I can snatch a bit of time to do anything, I take it- and I will write and create to the best of my ability and inserting my most authentic self whether I have an audience of 200 or 200,000.

So, if you have enjoyed what you’ve been reading so far, I just ask you to share our content on social, tag @Grownesque, repost, give a sista a shout-out... I truly, truly appreciate it.

Again, thank you for reading.





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