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Reminder: I'm Not a Teacher - I'm Just a Sub.

So I’ve been homeschooling a Kindergartener and trying to corral an (almost) 3 year old for almost 2 weeks now. Now some of you may scoff and say, Kindergarten? Please - what do they do, color in the lines? To which I would give you the loudest, longest, craziest cackle I could possibly muster. Today’s kindergarten is like yesterday’s 2nd grade. And these teachers on it - I know high schoolers who are twiddling their thumbs right now. But this kindergartener has a full slate of activities - including art, drama, Mandarin, Technology *and gym*. Yes, gym.

That said, I only have one student and a ‘student in training’. But I’m pretty sure I’m getting about 5 new grays a day. And I’m not curriculum planning or anything. I’m more like an untrained, unpaid substitute teacher and worksheet/YouTube Read-a-long DJ/ ‘motivator’. But it’s hard! And it’s almost impossible to find time to do much else.

So, parents out there in this unprecedented #homeschool position, I know you’re doing the best you can… stay encouraged. But, I must say, this has given me an even greater respect for the teaching profession! Teachers deserve more- a lot more. I’m A-OK with letting the professionals do their jobs. Until then, I’m going to do the best I can to fill the gap. But I’m only 9 school days in and I’m spent.

To all of the rest of you out there searching for ways to spend your new found free time… um… bless your heart.

To all my educators out there - I salute you.



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