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Never Will I Ever Be Too Old for Teen TV.

So, listen. I was a little (ok, really) excited the Babysitters Club was being rebooted on Netflix. Then I finally watched it - and I WAS OBSESSED. I may have even cried a lil bit (They covered so much ground...Mimi!!!!! Abandonment issues!!! Change!!! Cue tears!!!!)

Although I read the books about 30 years ago and am easily old enough to be the mother of the protagonists (shout out to the casting magicians who gave an #xennial wink to the old ladies they knew would be watching by including the one and only Alicia “Cher Horowitz” Silverstone(!!!!)), my first grader and I were both very into it. They even made Mary Ann biracial and gave her slicked down babyhair in one episode! I’d actually be kind of disappointed if I was a kid who learned about the series through Netflix and then decided to read the books (unless they’ve been updated…).

Anyways, I’m glad the young people (haha - and me) have access to such well-done shows... but if only my biggest concern right now was getting grounded and not getting to go to the school dance because I failed my math quiz. ;) BSC and other shows like it are so fresh and thoughtful and current and incredible escapes from pandemic life - these are not Saved by the Bell.

Ok, I’ll stop lying. I was into them even before the pandemic popped up. To All The Boys I Loved Before…. To All The Boys I Still Love You… Never Have I Ever... - They’re just so fun and cute while also being more nuanced and diverse than most of the TV I grew up on.

What are you watching right now?



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