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Like a Good Neighbor...

...stay over there!

I saw this on a doormat in a gift store sometime last year. I laughed at it and thought it was funny but super rude.

Just changed my mind. It's never been more relevant!

I love people, really I do. I prefer to hit the sidewalks and the streets - this quarantine is against my nature. A five minute walk typically turns into a 20 minute conversation with a neighbor. My husband calls me the mayor. It’s just how I am. So this is hard.

I’ve left my yard TWICE since Sunday. A mere two times. And both times, my relatively quiet suburban-ish neighborhood was *poppin* (...relatively speaking). Friday was a gorgeous day - and sidewalk traffic was actually a thing. The neighbors I saw and knew kept their appropriate distance as they spoke, but some people were totally oblivious to any new social norms as they tried to plow their way past my family on the sidewalk when we were turned the other direction.

I don’t know what they’ve got. They don’t know what we’ve got. So why don’t we ALL do each other a favor and keep our distance.

What do people not understand??? Can we just agree to maintain our distance and stop this thing from spreading so we don't let it obliterate more lives and livelihoods?

Alright. Rant over.



P.S. FYI - This article includes an Amazon affiliate link.



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