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It's Christmas Movie Time!

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Don’t know about you all, but I’ve been watching Christmas movies since election night. There’s something strangely fulfilling about watching now grown #xennial and #millennial child stars who find their way back to their random hometown to reunite with their childhood love who is conveniently single, still hot, incredibly giving, successful in their chosen career and all other good holiday things.

And Christmas movies are getting a little more diverse/inclusive now. I saw Bayside High’s own Mario Lopez charming the people as a single dad/principal/delivery man in Feliz NaviDAD (Get it? HAHAHA... kinda.). I also watched a Netflix Christmas movie made by Chris Noth (Mr. Big) from Sex in the City with a queer Black female protagonist revisiting her life's choices, and another one (it was free on demand and the first one I saw with a brown face on election night - my criteria was pretty low) that was surprisingly laugh out loud funny and ended WITHOUT a predictable romantic conclusion, but involved the lead asserting her own ambition - how refreshing!

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Oh - and I even saw the first ever movie shot in Guam - another Netflix Christmas movie that had Kat Graham and some blonde cute Army guy... I tried to get through it twice but fell asleep both times. But that’s sadly typical - I can’t start a movie after 10pm and be guaranteed to stay awake.

That excludes the smattering of movies I saw featuring child stars including Keisha Knight Pulliam AKA Rudy Huxtable (How white and perfectly straight are that woman’s teeth?? Get her a Crest contract!) coming home to some Canadian city pretending to be Nashville... Kyla Pratt planning a wedding for some billionaires (who, by the way, totally underutilized their white billionaire privilege to make their dream wedding happen in 2 weeks… that wedding dress, girl),... oh, and Kelly Rowland’s Christmas movie sequel. I know Queen Bey is her girl and all but I honestly wonder if she watched it. I am, however, 110% sure Beyonce’s mama watched because she seems like she would be supportive of Kelly like that. I bet she even designed one of her outfits.

Anyways, probably 90% of these women are knocking on or over 40 playing 32 year olds. But I’m not mad at them because they can do it and are still fairly believable. Time has been on their side!

That said, I need more Christmas movie suggestions. I’ll be watching them well into the new year so please pile them on. This year and its residuals need a whoooooole lot of Christmas.



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