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I'm Late. But Little Fires Everywhere Was *Everything*.

Random - if you need a series to binge watch, please prioritize Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. I was a little late to that one, but I finally watched it this weekend with my mom while everyone else and their mama was watching Hamilton (I’m a rebel without a cause). We stayed up way too late watching it while eating popcorn, intermittently dishing side-eye at the screen and muttering “mmmmmhmmmm” and “no she didn’t!!!”

So much commentary on race, coming of age, womanhood, and motherhood. AND I was in high school during the time of the majority of the action, so I LOVED the 90’s references, soundtrack, and teenage ‘fashion’. There was even a YM magazine on a rack in a supermarket!!! And I think I actually saw someone wear a shirt I owned in a different color.

Anyways, I hope they air it on network TV so allllllll of America can have easy access to the very relevant commentary and egregious displays of and commentary on privilege evident throughout that show. But what I found even more interesting, is the fact that many of the characters had dimension, and honestly weren’t really that likeable. In fact Kerry Washington mastered the art of unfriendly so much that I was even uncomfortable. She didn’t even pull out the tremble pout face (anyone who has seen Scandal or anything else know what I’m talking about) until episode 6 out of 8 - and I’d say that’s probably a record.

But I felt so badly for all of those horrible flat-top wigs they plopped on the few black men in the cast - they did those men oh so dirty - it looked like they were wearing black cotton flowerpots on their heads! At least Jesse Williams was like, nah bruh, give me a fade, I’ll bring my own barber.

As my aunt would say (sometimes with a clap for emphasis) "that was a good (clap) show (clap)!!!!!"

Have any of you watched? What did you think? If not, pop some popcorn, watch it and let me know your thoughts!!! Don’t get mad at me if you lose sleep. ;-)





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