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Have You Had a Checkup from the Neck Up?

I’ve had countless conversations with friends recently about how they are remaining whole in this moment - and one of the things that many of us now speak more openly about is the need for a trusted therapist.

Having a therapist used to be, and is still regarded by some as more of a luxury, a ‘white people’ or a ‘wealthy’ thing… or evidence of some kind of personal fragility. But thanks to more open and frank conversations about the necessity of mental well-being, therapy, at least among the xennial generation and younger, has become far less stigmatized.

I started seeing a therapist this past summer, a move that was much overdue. Ironically, the exercise of finding a therapist, alone, was probably half of the battle. One of the reasons why therapy is seen as a ‘rich’ thing is because it can be very expensive, and many don’t take insurance. But some do, and some also have sliding scales.

Frankly, mental health shouldn’t be a luxury, but a basic human right. Just because an ailment isn’t visible, it doesn’t make its effect on your well-being any less urgent.

In this moment, especially, it is also becoming more pressing for many black women to find a black female therapist, specifically. Not because there aren’t many other skilled mental health professionals of other ethnicities, but just having the ability to not HAVE to explain your context and work towards a place of empathy before spilling your guts can be so liberating. Sadly, there is such a deficit of black mental health professionals, that, as quoted on A Black Lady Sketch Show - “finding a black female in-network therapist is like finding a unicorn”.

However scarce, they do exist, and a good one can really change your outlook- for the better. Given our current situation, a number of telemedicine options exist, and some insurance providers are even waiving co-pays.

A good friend recently shared a number of links to resources for finding a therapist suited to your style, as well as a couple specifically for finding black female therapists. If you are looking for one, check some of the resources below, and add any other therapists you know in the comments, especially women of color.

May these resources be a blessing to somebody today. Why just survive when you can thrive?

Therapy For Black Girls - Name says it all.

My Wellbeing - a personalized matchmaking service for therapists and patients

From Just a directory of therapists of color



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