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Get Your Cousins... to Vote.

Like many of us, over this past weekend I became obsessed with figuring out ways I could make a difference, but I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the options. So I had to do what made the most sense to me - something simple I felt could possibly make a change.

An idea sparked after speaking to a friend who was frustrated that their younger cousin who lived in a swing state hadn’t yet registered to vote. After some 'persuading', he finally registered.

We all have cousins. And our cousins have cousins. America is FULL of cousins. While we may not have Cardi B.’s Instagram following, we do have influence in our own extended families. And it’s powerful.

What if we could make a movement just by checking in on our families to make sure they are equipped to vote?

I created a simple site: It links to the Black Voters Matter Fund’s Voting Toolkit (anyone can visit- it's really good), and gives 3 suggestions for ways you can engage your cousins, make sure they’re registered, and ready to vote!

Do whatever works for you, but I beg you, just do something. And please, please, vote.





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