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Feel Good from the Outside In.

Sometimes feeling good works its way from the outside in.

This past Sunday, my family and I decided to dress up and do a little Easter photo shoot. Because, why not? So we all dressed up in pastels, I (kind of) did my hair and threw on a little make up, and you know what? We looked good. AND IT FELT AMAZING!

I was feeling so great, I even did an outfit change because I refuse to let a good jumpsuit just go to waste. (I love jumpsuits.)

Just weeks ago, I posted ‘Don’t be afraid to wear your Sunday’s best on a Monday’ on our IG. I had absolutely no idea how relevant it would be just weeks later. I know a number of us are cozy at home in our leggings and sweats, eating snacks and getting all “fat and sassy” (as quoted by one of my favorite viral videos), but it’s hard to be immune to the emotional and various other tolls of the devastation coming fro this very new, very uncertain road.

But if you’re looking for a little lift, get a little dolled up - you don’t have to put on a gown, just put on some earrings, your favorite lip color, and throw a brush through your hair. You don’t even have to have Zoom cocktails scheduled, all you need to do is take a couple of walks by the mirror take a glance, and say, in the words of one of my dear aunts- ‘Girl- you’ve got it going on!’.

Trust me- the endorphin rush, even if fleeting, will be most welcome.





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