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Dance Your Stress Away.

There are so many ways to cope with stress, and I have a few - most of which I honestly haven’t been doing as often as I should. But one of my favorite is dancing. Our family loves a great Spotify playlist dance party - although some of the music I would prefer to dance to probably doesn’t need to be heard by little ears, one of these days we’ll be able to enjoy it again inside… with other people… and no masks. Lol.

What song always gets you moving? I was on a couple of fun threads about this recently. My favorite is Get Me Bodied by Beyonce - the Extended Remix version, specifically. What good is it if you’re not able to do the part where you’re instructed to do a Naomi Campbell walk or pat your weave?

It doesn't matter if you think you're a great dancer or not, just turn on some music and dance like nobody's watching - because there may not be anyone watching and if they are, but are being judgy, ah- forget them anyways. ;-) Have fun.



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