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Becoming Grownesque

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

I'm Alliah.

Hey, girl, hey!

Welcome to Grownesque.

After starting my own (honestly, hardly) Siddhartha-like path to discovering my purpose, I decided to start Grownesque. A platform for 'technically' grown, but still growing women like yours truly. A millenial by age, but 'xennial' by definition.

As a 37 year-old marketer by trade, but a writer, creative, goof, connector, and introspective independent task master by nature, (plus a mom, wife, and a bunch of other equally important things) I realized I had been living my life driven too much by the word 'should' instead of 'could'.

  • What 'should' I be doing because of what had been expected of me by everyone else? By myself?

  • What 'should' I be doing at this stage in my life?

  • What 'should' I be doing to model behaviors I want my children to exhibit?

  • What 'should' I be doing to live the life I always imagined living?

'Should' got me stuck. Aimless. And frankly, miserable.

(I'd also blame my new grey hairs on 'should' but given my genetics they may have been inevitable.)

Instead, thanks to a series of events both depressing and fortuitous, I started focusing instead, on the 'could'.

  • What 'could' I do if I suspended all limitations and expectations which I had largely imposed on myself?

  • What 'could' I do if I followed those things and passions that I just... enjoyed... and came naturally?

  • What 'could' I do if I actively decided I wanted to stop wasting time and live a life well-lived?

Well, I realized I could do a lot of things. But the only 'should' was that my obligation should be to follow a path that is authentic to who I am.

The only problem was that I realized I had been waiting, somehow, for permission to do that. From who, I didn't know. But I now know the only permission slip I really needed was from myself.

It's easy to get caught up in the herd. Following prescribed models for success. The problem with that is that we are all individuals with our own interests and gifts. And we were all made that way for a reason. To go against that, frankly, is to go against your ordained place on earth.

And if it doesn't feel natural, it's because it's not.

Grownesque is for ladies like myself - who want:

  • To explore and celebrate who they are and who they are becoming or could become.

  • Solutions and ideas to address some of the 'opportunities' life has presented them.

  • To laugh and reminisce about the things that defined our generation.

And, because I love writing and fun, yet purposeful products, expect a combination of both.

But, overall, this is for those who want to be delighted, informed, but more importantly, understood on your own journey as a 'grownesque' woman... whatever that may mean to you.

Here's to you! And to new beginnings.



Founder & HHIC




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