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Asking For a Friend...

So… I’m starting something new. Calling it #askingforafriend.

There are so many truths/questions that if we only felt the freedom to share, we’d finally realize we aren’t the only one thinking or experiencing them. Ironically, Black folks everywhere have been having moments of relief over the past few weeks when we’ve felt it finally safer to share what has been on our minds and experiences - and I think sharing our individual truths even more broadly has the power to change the world.

I’ve loved using #Grownesque to share my inner monologue externally because I have so many moments when I know... “I can’t be the only person thinking or experiencing this??” And it's liberating to learn that I’m not alone.

Is there anything you’re going through or thinking that you can’t help but wonder - am I the only one? What do you wish your spouse/partner better understood? Your parents? Your boss? Your friends? Your kids? Your neighbors? Companies? The world? Anyone.

What do you want to share or ask? Give me a buzz via my handy form. It’s anonymous unless you choose to be identified. I'll share at my discretion, but please note, anything that is an effort to be unkind will promptly be ignored.

This, of course, is not without some risk, but such is life! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Click here to access the form.



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