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Apparently Styling is a Survival Skill.

While scrolling through my social media feeds, I’ve been seeing people- like, regular, non-beauty influencer people, looking surprisingly well-coiffed… salon-fresh, even.

I started alternating between secretly judging them for going out for stylist visits and jealousy at their remarkable foresight to get their hair done *just* before the world closed.

Then I realized these remarkable individuals are taking matters into their own hands... and doing their own hair. Braids, relaxers, blowouts… the works. I also know people are putting their color jobs into their own hands… not from outward admissions, but based on the fact box hair color is allegedly flying off the shelves.

Even I, who I’d consider the opposite of hair proficient (my sister got the stylist genes) successfully managed to blow out my moderately thick natural hair to the point that I looked like I had a week-old professional blowout... a HUGE accomplishment in my book. Styling ability must be a dormant survival mode instinct.

That being said, when the world re-opens, are stylists going to be put out of jobs? Absolutely not. For every successful Corona Beauty School selfie is about 10 fails. They’re going to have some serious fixing to do!

Until then, have fun, but practice safe styling. Don't even look at a flat iron without using heat protectant. Trust me, my sister is a stylist ;-)

Stay Safe!


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