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A New 'Historical' American Girl from... 1986.

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Image Credit: American Girl

So. There is a HISTORICAL American Girl named Courtney from 1986 who wears acid washed jeans and has a walkman. And has Lisa Frank-esque stationary. Yes. I said historical. I wouldn't be so offended if it didn't sound like they based her on photos of my childhood.

Oh those marketers. They’re really funny. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

But when I think of historical American Girl dolls I’m thinking Addy on the plantation. Molly in the middle of WWII. Victorian Samantha. Not this side-pony wearing chick with a sweatshirt that matched my own Pre-K lunchbox!

But does she have Fisher-Price snap-on roller skates? A banana clip? Tinkerbell nail polish? Does she own a Jem and the Holograms doll?? Does she spend her Thursday nights watching the Cosby show?

Listen. I loved the 80’s. Leaned all the way into it. Best decade ever before the 90’s. I still listen to The Jets and The Bangles (Walk Like an Egyptian!) on my (still working) Pocket Rocker mini tape player from 1987 when I look through the ‘historical’ childhood treasures my parents have in their attic... and now try to send home with me.

But what is going to be her historical dilemma? An excess of neon and geometrical shape prints? How to beat Pacman? I have a strong hunch it's not going to be the shadows of the crack epidemic (Just Say No!).

Anyways, they think they’re going to insult parents of the kids that buy those creepy looking dolls by calling our childhood ‘historical’ and think that we’re going laugh about it and pick one up?

Yep. it’ll probably work.



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