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A Lesson in Authenticity by Cardi B.

Listen. I’ll be honest. I fancy myself a tad bit... #sophistiratchet. I admire the timeless classiness of legends like Lena Horne and Diahann Carroll, but I also love people who are just unapologetically real. And in the latter category, over the past few years, like many others, I have grown to admire the authenticity of Cardi B.

Why do so many people love her? Because while she is entertaining, she seems refreshingly real - like, really, really herself- funny, raw, talented, smart, and compassionate. Whether or not her music is for you, you’ve got to give her one thing - she has shown people that what you see is what you get.

Recently she broke some Billboard records, and celebrated her victory on Instagram just being herself... while giving a testimony, twerking and wearing the biggest satin bonnet I’ve ever seen. Never would I ever willfully wear a satin bonnet or head scarf in public - nor do I plan to start. But that is her - and she did that - and people love it - so I say Cardi, keep being you.

Anywho, being authentic has taken her pretty far in a very short time. I think there's something to it. May we all have the courage and fearlessness to be our own most authentic selves- whatever that may mean for each of you!



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